Portable Generator

A gas powered portable generator is an easy-to-use short-term solution to power loss woes. Widely available and reasonably priced, portable generators are very popular among sportsmen, hobbyists and homeowners alike. They can range in power output from a modest 1600 watts up to a robust 17,500. They provide quick power to essentials such as lighting, TV/radio, freezers and pumps.

Are you prepared for the next storm or power outage?

It will be here sooner than you expect. Don’t wait until the storm is here. We can help your family or business enjoy peace of mind all through the year with a backup portable generator.

A portable generator can be used for more than one application:

  •     Power up your portable generator on camping trips to supply electricity when needed.
  •     A portable generator will power a heater for ice fishing.
  •     Bring into your backyard for powering electrical tools.
  •     Use the portable generator for power where extension cords don't reach.
  •     Use it when you are tailgating, at a picnic or any outdoor gathering or event.
  •     Bring the portable generator to a construction site or job site wherever you need to use electrical equipment or power tools.

There are several types of portable generators to choose from:

Home Backup
Inverter and Camping
The most popular Brand names:

Cummins Onan Portable Generator:
The Cummins Onan HomeSite Power product line ranges from a 2 kW portable gasoline generator to a 5kW portable gasoline generator and is available in 60 Hz and 50Cummins portable 2 Hz models. Quiet and lightweight, the 60 Hz inverter portable generator sets weigh as little as 43 pounds and generate enough watts of inverted power making it perfect for most RV microwaves, televisions and other simple luxuries.

Generac Portable Generator:
Generac’s rugged, dependable portable generators are designed to deliver power wherever you are—from tailgate parties to construction sites. With sizes up to 17500 watts, you can take Generac Portable 2 your power with you wherever you need it. The undisputed workhorse of the portable market, Generac’s professional portable generators are engineered specifically with contractors and construction sites in mind.

Winco Portable Generator
For over eight decades, Winco has been setting the industry standard for building quality, dependable generators and manufactures the broadest line of generators among any Winco Portable 1 manufacturer in the industry. This lines includes dependable portable generators for the consumer and industrial markets with sizes ranging from 2300 watts to 18000 watts.

How to choose a Portable Generator:

Generators are used to perform a wide variety of tasks, and we offer a variety of models to suit almost all potential users. While a camping application may require a smaller "neighbor-friendly" inverter generator, construction or fire/rescue applications may require more power that a commercial generator provides. While all of these generators are portable by definition, most models include standard or optional wheel kits for easy movement of the generator from storage to the wherever it is needed. Ask our representative which model is the best fit for your needs.

How many watts do I need?

Generators produce AC voltage, very similar to the voltage available in your home, however while your electric utility company produces sufficient power for all your electric powered devices, a portable generator is limited in power output directly related to the engine horsepower. The amount of power that a generator can produce is rated in watts.

The wattages listed below are based on estimated wattage requirements. For exact wattages, check the data plate or operator's manual of the item you wish to power.